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The 2-Week Countdown Begins!

The Bowdoin Geneva Farmers Market opens in just two weeks!  Join us for a fabulous grand opening on June 20th!  Market opens at 2:30pm, ribbon cutting at 3pm.  Start your summer off right with a trip to the farmers market!

BGFM Flyer

Boston Shines on Healthy Corner Store Grand Opening!

DeiseOn Saturday, April 27th, America’s Food Basket on Bowdoin Street unveiled its healthy offerings to the public!  That day was also the annual citywide clean-up, Boston Shines, and the street was full of volunteers helping out to clean up the neighborhood.  The BSHC Healthy Champions and V.I.P. (Violence Intervention and Prevention) programs were planting veggies in the Norton-Stonehurst Community Garden.  The Sustainability Guild was building out their amazing site on the corner of Topliff and Bowdoin. Staff, participants, and volunteers from CollegeBound Dorchester, the Family Nurturing Center, and the Teen Center at St. Peter’s were all helping out up and down the block!

The whole time, BSHC healthy food folks along with Javier Gutierrez from the Boston Public Health Commission – Healthy on the Block Program were on the sidewalk outside America’s Food Basket.  We were giving away healthy snacks and beverages to all the Boston Shines volunteers and promoting the fact that these healthy items are now available right here in the Bowdoin Geneva neighborhood.

Healthy Snacks

Being outside with Maura and Javier giving away free healthy snacks and beverages was actually fun. There was whole lot of people coming out and helping each other making the community cleaner and better for everyone. There was a lot being supportive and seeing people realize that it’s not only inside their house that they have to clean to make beautiful but the outside too.  What is the whole point if around your area is dirty and your house inside is clean?

I enjoyed it because obviously there was a lot of people and they was fun to be around and also there was loud music that kept our feet moving which was fun because we was actually dancing in the street. ( I’m still wondering if there was some people watching us, but hey that’s what we do if were having fun).

Working with American Food Basket was really nice and they were really helpful they gave away some juices and water for the volunteers because they deserve it after all they did to help out.  America’s Food Basket has been really working on getting more healthy stuff in the store so it was good to make sure that people know about it.  There are still more products we want them to add, but they’re getting there!

There was whole lot of random people coming up to us asking us if were selling food or donating food, and they were excited when we told them it was there for them to have for FREE.  Maura was having long conversations with all of them about the Bowdoin Geneva Farmers Market that’s opening on June 20th as well as two Healthy Corner Store Tour that we’re leading in May. After the tour, everyone will be receiving a free $5 gift certificate to spend at the store and you get a free workbook full of tasty recipes and simple tips on buying healthy, low-cost foods and last but not least a free reusable shopping bag and a calculator. That’s something you should not miss if I was you because your basically missing out the fun that you will have but having that tour with Maura and also those free things you will be receiving :).

Teen Reflections on the Globe

On February 13th, I attended the Boston Globe’s community session talking about the 68 Blocks article they wrote in December about the Geneva/Olney/Bowdoin neighborhood.  We sat with residents and others in the neighborhood to talk about the streets and the way the article was written.

Out of everything we was talking about, there was some things I liked and some things I disliked:

One thing I liked about the video they showed is that there were whole lot of people I knew on it and all the little kids having fun and getting along with each other just the way they are supposed to.

A thing I disliked about the video is that the Globe was only showing how much violence is happening here.  The video showed what had happened years ago, how there was  whole lot of shooting around which was really disturbing to me because I really didn’t know anything about that.

We can make a change in our community and it’s happening too, but I didn’t see much of that. There are a lot of things going on on this street. They could have chosen some other things instead of a grown up shooting a little kid. I mean, I understand that’s one of the biggest problem we have with our community but there are good things too.

I also felt sad because they showed so many negative sides of the Cape Verdean community.  There are Cape Verdeans doing great things here too – and there are people of other races who are part of the problem.  Being Cape Verdean myself, it makes me worry that what the Globe showed about my community might make people think differently about me.

In order to make a change in our community, people have to come together with a different conversation instead of only the violence and bad education because there’s whole lot of things going on in Bowdoin-Geneva that need to be changed.  Homeless people need a place to stay and food to eat.  Sick people need others to take care of them.

Instead of putting people down about their culture, I hope we can all talk about something that’s more positive and do something to make things better.

Food Injustice & Violence

BSHC Violence Prevention Coordinator, Susan Young, assists two previously homeless clients to find healthy, affordable food.

After the recent shooting in Newtown, CT and The Boston Globe’s incredible series 68 Blocks: Life, Death, Hope profiling the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood, we at Food in the ‘Hood have been thinking about the interelationships between healthy food access, economic development, and violence prevention.  Felicity Lawrence of the UK-based Guardian wrote recently about the correlations between nutrition and agressive behavior.  “The pandemic of violence in western societies may be related to what we eat or fail to eat.  Junk food may not only be making us sick, but mad and bad too.”

Join us as we explore this issue and the broader context of food and violence in Bowdoin-Geneva.

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My summer job

This summer was very fun and eventful, especially because I had worked with Maura at the Bowdoin Street Health Center. We performed tasks that included passing out flyers, helpiing at food pantries, assistance at Farmers Markets, and acting silly in costumes. It was fun for two reasons, one being that I got to hang out with people I know, and I got to do a job that meant something to me. I would love to do it again.

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