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Knowing What’s Healthy for You

As an intern working at the Bowdoin Street Health Center, it has come to my attention the many unhealthy foods that I am constantly consuming. Working at the health center has made me realize the difference between eating healthy and eating poorly. Not only this, but the impact that eating unhealthfully can have on someone. If you don’t have the right nutrition, you’re going to be grumpy, your health won’t be very good, it’s likely to be hard to keep a job… Down the road, all of this can even lead to more violence. Until last week when we had a big discussion about all of this, it hadn’t occurred to me that not eating healthy could have such a big impact on the community.

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Interview with Boston Neighborhood Network News

Food Access Featured in Edible Boston

This summer’s edition of Edible Boston features a great story about food access initiatives across Boston by journalist Steve Holt (@TheBostonWriter).  The piece paints a picture of the different strategies being put to work to improve the food landscape across the city including many of the initiatives underway right here in Bowdoin Geneva.  Truly good food for thought.

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Healthy Corner Store Challenge #4

chicken-tenders-ready-to-bakeFried chicken is always a favorite, especially when paired with some stellar mac ‘n cheese, but neither is too friendly at the waistline and both are high in saturated fat – an enemy to heart health.  We’ve revamped this classic with a nutritious twist.  Our Oven-Fried Chicken Tenders with Greek Yogurt Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce highlights whole wheat bread crumbs, skinless chicken breast, and fat-free Greek yogurt all now available at America’s Food Basket on Bowdoin Street.  For our special last meeting of the off-season, we also added on a great Healthy Mac & Cheese to top it off!

Farm to Biz Expands for 2012

Now under the title of “Farm-to-Biz” for the first time this year, corner stores, restaurants, and other food retailers serving the Bowdoin Geneva and Uphams Corner neighborhoods will have the opportunity to participate in an innovative effort to make farm-fresh, local produce available to Dorchester residents not just on market day, but every day all season long!

Last year’s farm-to-store pilot program delivered fresh fruits and vegetables to four Bowdoin Geneva corner stores.  In 2012, with the help of our partner farmers at the Trustees of Reservations and Heavens Harvest Organic Farm, we’ll be expanding upon this exciting model!  Continue reading

Healthy Corner Store Challenge #3

Is pepperoni pizza your vice?  Its greasy goodness make your mouth water?  Try our healthier homemade version of the Italian classic – complete with a whole wheat crust and topped with veggies and crumbled extra-lean turkey bacon.  These great incredible ingredients can all be found on the shelves of America’s Food Basket at 217 Bowdoin Street.

Grab a slice!  Read all the details including the recipe, price breakdown, and side-by-side nutrition information for our healthy Better-for-Ya Pizza Pie.

Shopping Matters Kicks Off with A Bang!

Back in December, we were awarded a mini-grant from Cooking Matters – a nationally-recognized program that empowers families with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to prepare healthy and affordable meals – to provide hourlong tours of the corner stores participating in our Healthy Corner Store Initiative to patients of the health center and residents of the Bowdoin Geneva community.

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