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Healthy Corner Store Challenge #6

Do the “Golden Arches” beckon you each morning with the promise of the warm, salty goodness of a Sausage & Egg McMuffin?  Try out our healthier alternative version, which cuts down on the terrifying enemies of heart health: sodium and saturated fat.

Our Better Breakfast Biscuit draws upon hearty whole grains and low-sodium turkey bacon along with delicious veggies scrambled into the egg to start your day off right.  And the homemade version is costs half as much as that fast food villain   Join us on Wednesday, January 9th at 6pm at the Bowdoin Street Health Center as we taste test our newest recipe transformation!

Update: Due to the flu outbreak, we are not able to taste test this month, but try making the breakfast sandwich for yourself!  It’s sure to leave you with a smile on your face and warmth in your belly.  To make up for it, we’ll double up our taste test at a future meeting, we promise!  Yum. >

And as always, the foods for our monthly Healthy Corner Store Challenges are made exclusively with ingredients available at the Bowdoin Street branch of America’s Food Basket.

Healthy Corner Store Challenge #5

Holiday cookiesHappy Holidays from the Food in the ‘Hood team!  Whatever your holiday traditions, one things for sure they include food – and probably lots of it!  One of the most tempting and treacherous of holiday treats are the plethora of cookies that make their way to your office, your school, and inevitably into your home.

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Healthy Corner Store Challenge #4

chicken-tenders-ready-to-bakeFried chicken is always a favorite, especially when paired with some stellar mac ‘n cheese, but neither is too friendly at the waistline and both are high in saturated fat – an enemy to heart health.  We’ve revamped this classic with a nutritious twist.  Our Oven-Fried Chicken Tenders with Greek Yogurt Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce highlights whole wheat bread crumbs, skinless chicken breast, and fat-free Greek yogurt all now available at America’s Food Basket on Bowdoin Street.  For our special last meeting of the off-season, we also added on a great Healthy Mac & Cheese to top it off!

Healthy Corner Store Challenge #3

Is pepperoni pizza your vice?  Its greasy goodness make your mouth water?  Try our healthier homemade version of the Italian classic – complete with a whole wheat crust and topped with veggies and crumbled extra-lean turkey bacon.  These great incredible ingredients can all be found on the shelves of America’s Food Basket at 217 Bowdoin Street.

Grab a slice!  Read all the details including the recipe, price breakdown, and side-by-side nutrition information for our healthy Better-for-Ya Pizza Pie.

Healthy Corner Store Challenge #2

The results are in!  We’ve completed another challenge to create healthy and delicious meals from the ingredients right here in Bowdoin Geneva’s own Healthy Corner Stores.  This time, we’ve traveled down to Sobrino Market at 416 Geneva Ave to transform that flimsy fast-food taco into something tasty, hearty, and (best of all) simple!

Read all the details including the recipe, price breakdown, and side-by-side nutrition information for our healthy Roasted Corn and Black Bean Soft Tacos.