2013 Boston CAN Share

With the harvest fully upon us this fall, the annual Boston CAN Share has begun!  The citywide drive helps to support food pantries across the city and to support Boston Bounty Bucks, the program which helps to provide low-income families with access to healthy fresh foods by doubling their SNAP benefits at farmers’ markets. Residents of Bowdoin Geneva have much to gain through each of our support of these critical services.

As we have in years past, Bowdoin Street Health Center is helping to collect non-perishable food donations on behalf of the CAN Share.

Donated food can be placed in the marked box in the BSHC Community Health office at any time or can be contributed during the Food Day Celebration on October 24th.  We will continue to accept donations through Friday, January 3rd.

While all food donations help to alleviate hunger, we are also aware of the need for contributions of healthy items in particular. As you consider your donations, please opt for items low in saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar whenever possible. The chart below may be helpful for additional guidance in making the healthiest choices possible.  Starred items are available for purchase at America’s Food Basket on Bowdoin Street with options within the nutritional recommendations.

Food Item Requested

Nutritional Recommendation

Canned vegetables* Opt for items labeled “low sodium” or “no salt added”
Dried and canned beans* For canned, look for “low sodium”
Peanut butter Look for items with 0g trans fat and no added sugar, “natural”
Canned nuts* Choose unsalted and unflavored options whenever possible
Dried and canned fruits* Opt for items in “natural juices” or “100% fruit juice”
Fruit juice* Always choose 100% fruit juice
Milk, evaporated or powdered 0% or 1% milkfat preferred
Canned soups* Aim for fewer than 150mg of sodium per serving
Pasta, rice* Opt for whole grain choices
Oatmeal and cereal* Choose items with no more than 6 grams of sugar per serving
Canned and dried fruits* Opt for items in “natural juices” or “100% fruit juice”

(Please NO perishable foods, baby food, baby formula or glass containers.)

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