Sustainability in Action at the Seafood Throwdown


This week, we’re gearing up for another great event at the farmers market – the Seafood Throwdown.  The event is an opportunity to showcase the best of local seafood, to learn about sustainability in the seafood industry, and to celebrate together the wealth, beauty, and bounty of our ocean!

The throwdown will feature a head-to-head competition between Chef Ken McCluskey of The Blarney Stone in Dorchester and Chef Stephen Pierce of BIDMC Food Services.  The chefs will battle it out to cook up the most delicious rendition of a mystery local seafood ingredient which will be unveiled by Red’s Best Seafood just moments before the clock starts!  Each chef will receive $25 to spend on seasonal produce at the farmers market to complement their fresh-fish dish.

While the chefs display their culinary prowess preparing the dishes to taste,* there will be kids’ activities galore led by the BSHC Healthy Champions.  Plus, we’ll also have a live, multi-lingual (English and Cape Verdean Creole) demonstration on the process of breaking down a whole fish provided by Filomena Brandao.

Fish OfferingsNot only that, but the ever-entertaining, City Councilor Frank Baker will join Katie Reed, the new interim director of Bowdoin Geneva Main Streets to emcee the event, interspersing their witty commentary as the event progresses.  Finally, an honorable panel of guest judges will determine which chef has emerged victorious!

We’re also bringing the event full-circle by providing on-site composting of the tasting materials through Greenovate Boston’s new residential compost drop-off pilot program (#CompostBos) that made its debut at the Bowdoin Geneva Farmers Market just a few weeks ago.  We’ll be composting all the tasting plates and utensils with our big green bins.  Plus, as our chefs prepare their dishes, they’ll be tossing all their compostable food scraps in!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event.  See you at the market!

*Limit 60 sample tastings total.  Must register on day of the event in order to participate in tasting.

These initiatives made possible with the support of:


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