Appreciating My Job

Coming into this job, I had no idea what to expect for the summer. I had gotten hired and accepted the job because I really wanted a job during the summer. Not only this, but I did not want to stay home doing nothing. However, I thought that the job would do more things inside the clinic such as helping or watching the nurses. Come to find out that was not what we were going to do.

What we did during the course of 7 weeks was getting out to the community and letting people know about healthy food and why it is good for them. Our schedule looked like this, on Monday we would come in at 11am and go do store to store orders. We would receive a list from the farmers of what they had and go to our local stores and ask them what they wanted to buy. On Tuesday we would go and help out at Mary’s food pantry. On Wednesday we would have some activity to do or we would flyer if it was a big event. Lastly on Thursdays we would flyer, and if there was a big event happening we would chalk the sidewalk, do deliveries to the stores, and also manage the farmers market.

Working here something that I did not enjoy at first was the amount of walking we had to do. Everywhere we went we would walk on foot even when we did store to store orders and deliveries. Within time I grew to enjoy it because it meant that I was exercising while I am working. Unlike some jobs you just sit down and do not really get to move around. Another thing I did not enjoy at all was doing the deliveries because sometimes there were a lot of orders and we had to make two trips and I would be hot outside. Not only that but it was heavy at times.

One thing I enjoyed doing this summer was realizing how unhealthy I ate. I enjoyed this because working here, when I found out that much of the things I ate were unhealthy I stopped eating every day. Also I had come into this job not eating my vegetables but now I am likely to eat it. Another thing is that I am so much into trying new things now even when it looks nasty. So this is something positive that I have gained from the job.

I enjoyed this job a lot. It helped me learn more about nutrition and also get out into the community and tell other how good it is to eat healthy. Also I had some fun and crazy moments where if I was not working here I would have not done any of it. So my point is this job has taught me a lot and I am very appreciative for having the chance to work at a place like this.

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