My summer job

This summer was very fun and eventful, especially because I had worked with Maura at the Bowdoin Street Health Center. We performed tasks that included passing out flyers, helpiing at food pantries, assistance at Farmers Markets, and acting silly in costumes. It was fun for two reasons, one being that I got to hang out with people I know, and I got to do a job that meant something to me. I would love to do it again.

No week was ever the same, even on Thursdays when we do the Market, each time new customers showed up, and they made things a little different. The ocassional trips with the children were fun, because they were always happy and the trips were exciting. For example the trip to City Native farm when we got to get really close to the beehives, and taste super sweet , and sour fruits. My boss Maura made things so much more interesting than I thought they could be, she turned boring, hot days into an actually nice day to be oustside. Especially with the Healthy Food Challenge.

I do wish the time had gone slower so that i could squeeze in more fun adventures, but sadly nothing lasts. So I’d like to say thank you for the great summer, and thank you guys and gals for reading. Have a great rest of the year.

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