Trip to Powisset Farm

As a youth intern at the Bowdoin Street Health Center, I was given the opportunity to go to a farm just outside the city. A few other kids and I, along with our supervisors Maura & Jen, went to Powisset Farm in Dover.  Powisset Farm grows vegetables and fruits and also raises chickens and pigs.  Some of the things grown at the farm grew in the ground while some grew above and others grew on stems.

Something new that I learned at the farm is that they do grow things in the winter time. I always thought that farms grew so much during other seasons that when it came to winter time they had extra. But I was wrong. The way they do this is that the farmers plants seeds that takes long to harvest in which will be done by winter time. Then when it’s winter time they pick the vegetable and fruits out.

Another thing that I learned at the farm is that they have many different kinds of tractors to do different things. For example, they had a tractor that pulled out all the weeds. They also had another one that made a hole in the soil and planted the seeds.

Going to this farm was a great experience for me especially since I did not want to go at first because I did not want to get dirty. The outcome to going was a good experience in which I learned new things.

Here are some photos I took of our trip:

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