Fresh Food Challenge Begins!

Today begins our first annual Fresh Food Challenge!   All week long, teen interns Damian Jones and Monica Fontes will be competing to track their food intake as they strive to earn points in each of the following dietary categories:

  • 1 serving of fruit = 1 point
  • 1 serving of vegetables = 1 point
  • 1 serving of whole grain = 1 point
  • something sold at the farmers market = 2 points
  • 8 oz. of water = 1 point
  • something you cooked yourself = 2 points
  • trying the “healthy snack of the day” = 1 point
  • whole day without junk food (chips, candy) = 2 points
  • whole day without fast food (pizza, french fries, burgers, etc.) = 2 points
  • whole day without soda or sugar-sweetened beverages = 3 points

The teens will also be wearing pedometers for the week and will be earning 1 point for every 1,000 steps taken.  We’re aiming for 25 points per day for a total of 100 points by the time the challenge draws to a close on Thursday 8/16 at 6pm.  What happens then, you ask?  Any teen who achieves the 100-point goal gets to toss water balloons at their fearless (and soon-t0-be drenched) leader, Maura Beaufait.  Community members are invited to participate too!

We’ll be tracking our points each day at work and you can track for yourself at home.  Download the worksheet and track your progress.  Bring your completed sheet to the farmers market with you on Thursday for $1 off your produce purchase AND if you too have met the challenge by earning 100 points between now and 6pm Thursday, you are welcome to try your hand at a few balloons.


Monica = 120pts  vs.  Damian = 120pts.
Collective steps walked = 100,000+

And the prize for making it all the way to their 100 point goal?  They won, here’s the video to prove it!

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