Farm Deliveries to Neighborhood Stores

Working at the Bowdoin Street Health Center as a youth intern, I have realized how much more my job offers to the community. As a youth intern it is my job to go out to the community and take orders from the corners stores on Bowdoin St. and Geneva Ave. You’re probably thinking right now “Oh that’s an easy job”, but I can guarantee you there is more to the job. The job is about expanding healthy food within the community. Now what does that mean? It means that as an intern it is my job to get orders from the stores and make sure I deliver it to them also. Not only this, but make sure that the store owners are satisfied with what they have bought. You don’t want to give them the wrong order or rotten things because it would be a bad reputation to the Bowdoin Geneva Farmers Market. We want to keep our consumers happy and satisfied.

As you may already know, we hold a Farmers Market every Thursday from 3-6:30pm at 230 Bowdoin Street. But why do we still make orders to corner stores if we have a farmers market? Well, the answer to this is because we only hold our farmers market on Thursday.  It’s good to have farm-fresh food in the corner stores for those who can’t make it to the market on Thursdays because they work or if they missed a market, they don’t have to wait a whole week to get the same healthy food they can find at the market.

Suppose a family wants to eat more veggies and it is not a Thursday and has no easy way to get their veggies. Well, when we deliver these healthy food to the local stores, we are giving access to people in the community. Also, this helps benefit the farmers because once there is healthy food being bought in the community, then store owners want to buy more. When store owner buys more that means that the farmers is getting to the community and making a good profit themselves. This is why we want to keep healthy food in the community.

Keeping healthy food in the community can help many people. It can help store owners, the farmers, and better yet it can help you. It can help you eat better. When you are in a place with healthy food, you are given the choice to eat better. However, when you do not have that choice you don’t eat healthy. Eating healthy can benefit you in ways you would not imagine. That is why it is my duty as a youth intern to help get into the community an serve the healthy fresh food we have at a low cost and also someplace where it is within waking distance.

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