My Journey with Nutrition Labels

In the past 2 weeks of work, we have gone to certain corner stores in the neighborhood. We experimented to find food items in the store and check for how many products were offered that met our food guidelines. The food guidelines we use were invented by the health center to create a standard for the stores to help them stock more healthy products. They also help customers to make the best choice while shopping.

In our experiments, we have to spend a lot of time reading the nutrition information on the labels of different foods.  To give you an idea of just how complicated a Nutrition Facts Label can be, I wanted to share this illustration that shows everything you need to understand about what goes into processed foods:

On one visit to Sobrino’s Market on Geneva Ave, we checked labels and items to see if they could be qualified as good, healthy foods. To my surprise, the store met just about every specification. But, as I was reading the words on the back of the vegetables and the beans and other products, I took a closer look and had the realization that a lot of the foods that I eat are packaged in an unhealthy manner. My favorite foods like broccoli and carrots, and string beans, and pineapples, were sitting in these heavy juices, that would end up making me sick. All I could do was give the look of shame. From this day on I will look before I eat, and actually make the better choice. Instead of always choosing that delicious ice cream sandwich, that I love so much, I will have something less sugary and with less calories… Well, at least some of the time.

Signing off. See you next time.

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