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Food Pantry at St. Mary’s

My weeks of working are full of fun and new experiences, but none of those moments compare to when I help out the volunteers at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church on Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, I go to the church for two hours and assist in handing out emergency food to families in need. The food is provided by the Greater Boston Food Bank, and they bring things such as eggs, milk, meats, and other produce. The people I work with are happy to be there and they joke around with each other while we are waiting for people to arrive, which makes the day much better. When I finally get to distribute the food, the people are so happy, and their appreciation for my help makes me feel as if I am accomplishing one of my goals to help people.

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Farm Deliveries to Neighborhood Stores

Working at the Bowdoin Street Health Center as a youth intern, I have realized how much more my job offers to the community. As a youth intern it is my job to go out to the community and take orders from the corners stores on Bowdoin St. and Geneva Ave. You’re probably thinking right now “Oh that’s an easy job”, but I can guarantee you there is more to the job. The job is about expanding healthy food within the community. Now what does that mean? It means that as an intern it is my job to get orders from the stores and make sure I deliver it to them also. Not only this, but make sure that the store owners are satisfied with what they have bought. You don’t want to give them the wrong order or rotten things because it would be a bad reputation to the Bowdoin Geneva Farmers Market. We want to keep our consumers happy and satisfied.

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Farmers Market Newsletter 7.26.12

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My Journey with Nutrition Labels

In the past 2 weeks of work, we have gone to certain corner stores in the neighborhood. We experimented to find food items in the store and check for how many products were offered that met our food guidelines. The food guidelines we use were invented by the health center to create a standard for the stores to help them stock more healthy products. They also help customers to make the best choice while shopping.

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Knowing What’s Healthy for You

As an intern working at the Bowdoin Street Health Center, it has come to my attention the many unhealthy foods that I am constantly consuming. Working at the health center has made me realize the difference between eating healthy and eating poorly. Not only this, but the impact that eating unhealthfully can have on someone. If you don’t have the right nutrition, you’re going to be grumpy, your health won’t be very good, it’s likely to be hard to keep a job… Down the road, all of this can even lead to more violence. Until last week when we had a big discussion about all of this, it hadn’t occurred to me that not eating healthy could have such a big impact on the community.

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