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Farmers’ Market Outreach Begins!

Today market the beginning of our outreach efforts for Summer 2012!  Can you believe it’s already that time?  We started strong by tabling at the Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester‘s Summer Registration Fair. The Bowdoin Geneva Farmers Market opens 2 months from today on Thursday, June 28th from 3-6:30.  We’ll have the very freshest fruits, vegetables, bread, and farm-fresh eggs right here in your neighborhood.

Leave a comment if you’d like to help us spread the word about our work or if you have a great idea for how we can get the word out about healthy food!  Also, tune up your radio and keep your ears open for our upcoming on-air spots!  And, as always, feel free to Contact Us with any questions.  See you at the market!

Boston Moves for Health

Monday was the the launch of  Boston Moves for Health, a citywide campaign to improve the health and fitness of Boston. As part of the campaign, Mayor Menino challenged residents of Boston to lose 1 million pounds and move 10 million miles. Staff at the Bowdoin Street Health Center are taking on the mayor’s challenge as a group with their own healthy weight challenge for the next three months.  

Want to make a change yourself? Register here to take advantage of the free wellness portal!  The website allows participants to set and track personal health and fitness goals, map walks and run, get nutrition tips and more. It also features a community calendar listing healthy and fun activities around Boston. Please help spread the word about this great campaign!

Healthy Corner Store Challenge #3

Is pepperoni pizza your vice?  Its greasy goodness make your mouth water?  Try our healthier homemade version of the Italian classic – complete with a whole wheat crust and topped with veggies and crumbled extra-lean turkey bacon.  These great incredible ingredients can all be found on the shelves of America’s Food Basket at 217 Bowdoin Street.

Grab a slice!  Read all the details including the recipe, price breakdown, and side-by-side nutrition information for our healthy Better-for-Ya Pizza Pie.