Shopping Matters Kicks Off with A Bang!

Back in December, we were awarded a mini-grant from Cooking Matters – a nationally-recognized program that empowers families with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to prepare healthy and affordable meals – to provide hourlong tours of the corner stores participating in our Healthy Corner Store Initiative to patients of the health center and residents of the Bowdoin Geneva community.

Today was the very first Shopping Matters tour held at America’s Food Basket at 217 Bowdoin Street, right across the street from the health center.  Participants learned all about selecting the healthiest foods while remaining within their budgets.  From finding the deals within the produce aisle (not to mention at the farmers’ market!) to avoiding hidden sugars in products marketed as healthy; sussing out excess sodium to discovering the leanest meat, fish, and poultry options.

At the conclusion of the tour, participants received invitations to opening day of the Bowdoin Geneva Farmers’ Market, a reusable shopping bag, an informational packet filled with recipes, and a calculator as well as a $5 gift certificate to use to buy some of the healthy items available in the store.  Across the board, the seven participants were thrilled with the experience and thankful for this and the many educational opportunities they receive as part of the BSHC family.

Tours will be offered on an ongoing basis throughout the spring and fall at various locations.   Open to all patients of the health center, income eligibility guidelines apply for the general public.  Please contact Maura at 617-754-0026 or email to sign up. 

(Cape Verdean Creole translation available upon request.)

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  1. Great work,guys!


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